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Your portal to the new sustainable, healthy, and abundant, world that is flourishing.
Learn more about the upcoming official version of the app, here.
In collaboration with:
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Creating the new decentralized and sustainable internet 3.0.
The OOTOPIA first round was successfully funded by supporters of the crowdfunding campaign at Benfeitoria.


As the old world collapses, there is a new and more beautiful one floureshing thanks to the regenerative movement.

Ootopia app is the gateway that facilitates the transition to this new world.

For this, we designed convergent platform that promotes connection, inspiration, the exchange of knowledge, collaboration, positive impact actions and that rewards participation with the OOz currency through a gamified experience.


Because the change is happening in many places around the world, we believe that it is possible to overcome the global, economic, political, social, and environmental crises through a tool that foster massive collaboration of change-makers.

That's why we are creating the OOTOPIA app, to leverage the regenerative movement and help create the most beautiful world our hearts can imagine!

Do you want to contribute to making this new world become everyone's reality?


"The new power is the development of mass participation and peer coordination to create change and shift outcomes." Jeremy Heimans

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We want to share this solution with the world as soon as possible.

If you want to help us to make it happen, you can support

OOTOPIA by making a donation of any amount.

You will receive monthly reports on the development of the project.



Social Media

Here you can get inspired by beautiful stories and posts about nature, sustainability, and regenerative actions. You can post, share, comment, and interact, just like any other social media.

Plus, you can organize the stories and learning tracks you like in your library.

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Transparency, trust

and ethics

The OOTOPIA app is free to give full access to the learning, sharing, and collaboration of the regenerative movement.


Your personal data is protected and respected, always!
All information about OOTOPIA operations is open and its governance is collaborative.

Learning Tracks

Here we share video lessons for practical learning in regenerative topics like making a vegetable urban garden, cooking vegan recipes, reciclying, embracing the sharing economy, etc.

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From learning to action


Each Learning Track has a combination of inspiring contents and quizzes to help expand your knowledge and put them into practice.

Ethical Marketplace

This is the platform where you can use your OOz to purchase sustainable products and services from other people in the community or from companies with certified social and environmental responsibility.

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Solidarity economy

The ethical OOTOPIA market favors a solidary, fair and sustainable economy.

OOz Wallet

Here you can check your balance in OOz and manage your transactions.

The total amount of OOz generated by the OOTOPIA community represents the regenerative impact created. 

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The Internet 3.0

ThreeFold Grid is formed by a global network of independent Farmers – people and organizations who expand Internet capacity to where it is needed the most.
The collaboration with OOTOPIA will made it possible to expand access all over the world in a very sustainable way.




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The OOTOPIA project is expanding its team and this can be your chance to take part in the creation of a regenerative technology on a global scale.

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Co-Initiator & 

Business Catalyzer

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Co-Initiator & Head of Product Design

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DAO Cultural Cultivator



We would love to hear from you!
Send your questions, suggestions, and comments:

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What is Ootopia? 

Ootopia is a platform to connect people and projects, where everyone can share inspiring stories and regenerative knowledge to co-create the transition to new realities where all forms of life thrive.

What is the Regenerative Movement?

Regeneration is the process of assisting in the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed. Furthermore, it means learning to live in harmony with the entire ecosystem, considering environmental and social impacts. The movement is co-created by all who do their part to make this happen and its main objective is to make the transition from extractive, hyper-consumerist and polluting societies to collaborative societies based on conscious consumption and non-polluting, and so we can be a species that contributes for the regeneration of planet Earth.


How can I get involved?

The Ootopia experience can happen in different ways and with different levels of involvement. From checking out (and even having the experience of hosting) an episode of OOcast, co-creating the Ootopia proposal through open community meetings, or even energizing the existing roles as a Core Shaper. But, certainly, the most convergent way will be through the Ootopia App, which is in the final stages of development and will soon be available for free download.


What is the Ootopia App?

Ootopia App was created for everyone who wants to make the world a better place, amplifying the Regenerative Movement. It was designed as a tool for INSPIRING, LEARNING and SHARING ACTIONS that can be taken by anyone in the here and now. That's why it combines social networking, learning platform, ethical marketplace and social currency in a gamified experience unlike anything you've ever seen.

Social Media - to publish and watch stories that inspire change.

Learning Tracks - video lessons and quizzes to learn how to turn regenerative ideas into practical actions.


Ethical Marketplace - a market that promotes a solidary, fair and sustainable economy for all.

OOz Social Currency - created to reward actions that generate positive impact and shift the paradigm from scarcity to abundance.

Regeneration Game - a social game where the whole world plays together for the good of the planet. 


When will the Ootopia App be released?


The app is in the testing phase (Beta). Fill out this form to sign up as a beta tester. The public launch in app stores is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

Is Ootopia App for free? 


Downloading from the app stores is free and the features are available to everyone. To make this possible, we have developed 2 ways to generate revenue and thus guarantee the maintenance of the Ootopia App, without having to resort to dubious ethics resources used by other applications:

Conscious micro investment - with monthly subscription starting at USD 2, without advertisements, enabling more presence and voice in the continuous co-creation of the app.

Sustainable Ads - totally free to use, with the presence of ads from selected companies that generate a positive social and environmental impact (eg: B-corp certification, organic, sustainable, etc.)


What is the Ethical Marketplace?


It is a space to enable transactions of products or services that are aligned with fair and sustainable forms of production/distribution and that generate a positive impact for everyone involved. The Ethical Market favors a solidary, fair and sustainable economy. Exchanges are made in OOz social currency.


What is OOz?


It is a digital and social currency based on the logic of abundance and generated from positive community actions, such as sharing inspiring stories and regenerative knowledge. The total amount of OOz generated is a way of measuring the positive impact of the Ootopia community. In the first version of the app, OOz can be exchanged by the community as a form of gratification for the contents created within the Ootopia App and as a trading currency in the Ethical Marketplace. In the future it will be possible to find more products, services and platforms accepting OOz.


What is the data privacy policy?


Ootopia values ​​the totally ethical and transparent use of data. The information is used strictly to improve the experience and provide the best content within the app. All data is hosted on Threefold, a truly peer to peer (P2P) network where it will never be sold or transferred to other companies. Learn more here.


Is Ootopia an NGO or a start-up?


Ootopia is neither an NGO nor a startup, it is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). In other words, an enterprise that acts in a network based on the exercise of Autonomy and co-creative engagement of each one (including you). But, it is a different DAO, as it proposes to make Regeneration more than a life practice, a true peer to peer (P2P) social technology. In short, Ootopia is a networked enterprise constantly co-created by all of us.


What is #20MinParaMudarOmundo?


#20MinParaMudarOmundo means "20min to change the world" and it's a series of lives broadcast every Monday, at 12pm (BR), by Instagram For about 20 minutes, one of the participants from the Ootopia Core Shapers hosts a conversation with a #OOChangeMaker with the aim of giving visibility to the stories of those who are already driving the transformation. These lives are recorded and made available on the IGTV and YouTube channels.


What is #OOchangemaker?


These are people who have assumed their responsibility as agents of change and are already taking concrete steps to build a better world for all. These people lead or are closely connected to projects with a positive social and environmental impact. Ootopia's invitation is for this circle to expand ever more, with agents of change connected in all parts of the world.


What is "Roda de Fogueira Virtual Ootopia"?


It means "Ootopia Online Campfire" and it is a free monthly virtual meeting designed to build dialogues and connect people in favor of planetary regeneration. This meet is intended to be an open space for celebration and co-creation, with empathetic listening and openness to the diversity of experiences that contribute to bringing regenerative narratives to live.


What is the OOcast Regen Experience?


It is a decentralized experience of conversational content distribution (podcast, videocast and webcast), where regenerative cultures that are already spread around the world and the paths for the construction of new structures based on the logic of abundance are revealed. OOcast is one of the most fascinating experiences of decentralizing Ootopia's purpose as a cultural DAO, as anyone (including you) can energize the role of Host / Co-host. In addition, post-production is carried out through another DAO focused on decentralized audiovisual production, TaoDAO.

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